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October 29th, 2007 (10:40 pm)

Jack sits at a table near the door, sipping a cup of coffee and trying not to look nervous, though it's nearly impossible to do. While he's trying to look around the bar and keep an eye on things, his eyes keep straying back to the door. He'd left a note for Chris on Michelle's fridge, letting her know where he was, and though he knows it might be a while before she comes in, he can't help but keep looking for her.

Every once in a while, his hand goes to his right pocket, as though he's checking that something's still there.

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September 7th, 2007 (11:20 pm)

Jack stands at the kitchen sink at a little after three in the morning, drying a couple dishes and staring out the window, thinking.

The day after he and Chris had switched back, he'd headed back out of the bar, glad to have his usual body back, glad to be able to get home for a while. There are a few things he needs to think about, and it's hard to do them in the middle of the busy bar. Particularly while distracted by the fact that your body isn't the same one you're used to, and you're not sure when--or if--you'll be able to switch back.

Coming back wasn't entirely a relief, though. Not with the news still showing round-the-clock coverage on the nuclear bomb and the other attacks. With reminders of what had happened everywhere, it's not surprising that he hasn't been able to sleep, which is how he ended up down here, washing dishes in the middle of the night.

Chris had been fast asleep when he'd given up on trying to sleep and come downstairs. Lying next to her, listening to her breathe, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about his conversation with Ryan.

Why do you think Henderson went after Caiti?

Because of me.

He'd always tried to keep a distance between his work and his family; with Teri, he'd seen that there was no way to keep it that way. No way to keep the people close to him safe. Chris and her family would be safer if she wasn't with him, but selfishness is stopping him from doing it. He doesn't want to let her go, and he knows if he tried breaking up with her for that reason she'd just be pissed at him.

He wants to be with her, wants to wake up next to her for the rest of their lives. The thing that's worrying him, though, is the price that they'll have to pay for that happiness.

The best things in life are never free. Standing in Michelle's kitchen--the kitchen that used to be Tony's too--he's not about to forget that any time soon.

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July 30th, 2007 (05:12 pm)

July 17, 2012

Jack rubs his forehead, wincing as he touches the bruise around the cut. He'd taken some Tylenol earlier, but that wasn't going to help much when he accidentally poked at it.

"So you were in holding at the Logan Ranch for how long?" Bill asks, leaning back in his chair.

"A little less than half an hour. Once Logan was officially in custody, the Attorney General approved my release as it was part of a sting operation, and Agent Pierce had been aware of the plan, so he decided I never actually posed a threat to the President. Not to mention that the President forfeited all privileges of the office when he committed treason," Jack replies, sipping his second cup of CTU's high-octane coffee. It's about the only thing that's kept him awake through the entire debriefing.

Glancing out the glass windows of Buchanan's office, Jack watches the CTU skeleton crew and the Division replacement scurry around, cleaning up the messes left by the last couple weeks. He'd been surprised when Buchanan had said he'd do the debriefing, but then maybe it shouldn't have been. Jack would have to tell about everything that happened with Logan, and as far as he knew, at CTU there was only a small group that was privy to knowledge of Logan's actions.

"And what did you do once you were out of holding?" Buchanan asked.

"I had to talk with the Attorney General and Agent Pierce about the whole plan--basically everything I've told you--and go over a few things, which took about an hour or so. I then came back here, to CTU."

Bill nods. "And you swear that everything that you've said in this debriefing is the truth?"

"I do," Jack says.

"Then that concludes the debriefing at...6:49pm, July 17, 2012." Leaning forward, Bill presses the stop button on the recorder. "I think that's all we need, Jack. Go get some sleep, you've earned it."

"What's going on with Michelle?" Jack asks, not moving.

"For the moment she's still in custody," Bill says, with a bit of a sigh. "Division's getting some pressure from higher up to charge her, but I don't think they'll be able to prosecute her. We've sent them the recordings, and once they hear them, they should back off." Bill looks over at Jack with complete conviction in his expression. "I'm not going to let this go, Jack. Go home, I'll make sure she's all right here, and do everything I can to get her out as soon as possible."

Jack hesitates for a moment, not wanting to leave while Michelle's still in holding, a bad sense of deja vu about the entire situation. Once upon a time, he'd been trying to get Tony out of custody; it seems even more wrong now to walk away from Tony's wife.

But then he doesn't have much of a choice. He's about ready to fall asleep sitting up, and there are a few things he needs to do before he finally lets himself rest. He's not going to be much use to Michelle if he's groggy and not thinking clearly from lake of sleep.

Pushing himself out of his chair, he steps forward, just as Bill gets out of his chair and holds out his hand. Jack takes it.

"Thank you for everything you've done, Jack. I just wish the government would let you stay on."

Jack gives Bill a momentary, wry smile. As much as it had sometimes felt like he was back in his element, he knows even more now that he could never come back to CTU, even if the government would let him. He can't do this work anymore. Considering everything he's seen of the people in power, he's not sure he would want to, but then that's something that hasn't completely sunken in yet.

"Yeah. I'll see you, Bill," he says, giving Bill's hand a firm shake. Walking down the steps from the director's office, he crosses the bullpen and grabs his bag from the locker room before heading out to his car.

Once he closes the driver's door, he sits there for a moment, rubbing his forehead. He needs to talk to Kim before he goes back to Michelle's, but he's not exactly looking forward to it. She might already know that her godfather was involved in some of the plan, but to know that he was plotting to send her father to be tortured by the Chinese while he was all comfort and support to her...

Jack sighs, then opens his eyes and turns his key in the ignition. Sitting here isn't going to make it any easier to tell her. Besides, he doesn't want to stay at CTU any longer.

Pulling out of the parking space, Jack drives to the exit, barely acknowledging the guard's wave as he drives out of the lot.

He doesn't look back.

Jack Bauer [userpic]

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July 25th, 2007 (10:58 pm)

It's getting dark by the time Jack pulls his car into the driveway of Michelle's house. Turning off the engine, he closes his eyes for a moment, leaning his head back. The headache that's been pounding at his temples has settled to a dull throb.

It's over. The whole nightmare is over, except for the part where a different one--the living after the nuclear bomb and dealing with the aftermath of everything that has happened--has just begun, and will take a long time to pass.

Climbing out of the car, he walks up the path to the front door, practically counting the steps until he's unlocking the door and inside. Every step brings him closer to the few things he wants; mainly to see Chris and gets some sleep.

Unlocking the door, he steps inside, listening to the soft noises of the house for a moment. It doesn't sound like anyone's up; not that he can blame them.

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July 25th, 2007 (10:57 pm)

July 18, 2012

Jack only briefly opens his eyes before closing them tightly again, his eyes hurting at the bright light. Even with the blinds closed it's too bright in the room for him, and he moves to roll over onto his back, let himself wake up and his eyes adjust to the light.

As soon as he starts to move, pain streaks through his ribcage, his shoulder, his head; every muscle feels stiff and sore. He makes it onto his back with a groan. Fuck, he's getting too old for this kind of thing.

He opens his eyes again, acclimating them to the light before looking around for a clock. There's one on the bedside table to his right, and he squints at the digital readout. 4:37. For a moment his sleep-fogged brain wonders why the streetlight outside is so bright and where Chris is, until it kicks in that that's 4:37 in the afternoon, not in the morning. Christ, he's slept for about 18 hours straight. No wonder his muscles have stiffened up.

Lying in bed isn't going to help that any, and so he moves to the edge of the bed, sitting up slowly. The pounding in his head only gets worse with the change in blood pressure, but it provides something of an incentive to get to his feet and head for the bathroom. Painkillers definitely sound like a welcome idea at the moment.

Jack feels a little more human after a long shower, the hot water easing some of the knots that had formed in his muscles as he'd slept, but as he walks downstairs, he's still feeling rather stiff and sore. He spots Caiti in the living room as soon as he reaches the foot of the stairs, and part of him wants to put this discussion off one more day but he knows it'll be better to get it over with. He's not sure how long Caiti will be staying, and it'll be all too easy to keep putting it off.

Grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen, he walks into the living room, taking a seat in an overstuffed armchair, his movements a little stiff and slow.

"Hi, Caiti. How're you doing?" he asks, taking a sip of his coffee. He's doing his best not to seem nervous.

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July 5th, 2007 (10:43 pm)

current mood: shocked

July 17, 2012

Jack winces slightly as one of the medics dabs something on the cut on his forehead that makes it sting even more before applying a butterfly bandage. He hadn't noticed the cut until Bill had pointed it out to him, not that it was large enough to make itself known beyond a small dribble of blood to his temple.

"Here, hold this against that bump at the back of your head," the medic says, passing him a cold gelpack. Jack takes it gratefully, his head pounding front and back. Minor injuries, nothing to worry about, though he knows he might feel differently the next day.

Even though he's all right, there's still a phone call he has to make, though, and as the medic walks away, Jack grabs his cellphone from the desk, quickly finding Michelle's number.

There's still no answer at the house, so he goes over to Chris' cell; no answer there, either. Fuck, she's going to kill him for leaving these messages.

"Hey, sweetheart. I'm okay and CTU is safe. Most of the people here got through it all right. There's still a lot of stuff we have to do, but call me when you get this. Love you, and I'll see you when I get back," he says, flipping the phone shut.

Rubbing his eyes for a moment, Jack wishes he could just get up and leave right now. He's exhausted, not having slept for...fuck, 24 hours? 36 hours? He can't remember the last time he nodded off, even for a few minutes, and it's been days since he had decent sleep.

But there's no time for that; there are still things to be done, pieces of the puzzle that they don't have. He'll get to leave the cleanup to CTU soon enough.

For the moment, though, he has to keep going, or the unanswered questions won't let him sleep anyway.

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June 13th, 2007 (09:27 pm)

Jack's looking through the empty boxes of weapons, tape measure in hand. Measuring the dimensions of the supports in the boxes, he can get an idea of how large the weapons were that were packed inside, and he's not getting an encouraging picture.

Frustrated, he turns around, snapping the tape back into its case. Dammit, he wants to be moving, to have a clue where the hell these guys were, instead of just staying here, picking through the pieces. But it looks like they're stuck, at least until CTU comes through with sattelite or CalTrans footage showing where the hostiles are headed.

Dammit, what's taking them so long?

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June 11th, 2007 (12:02 am)

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July 17, 2012

"I've got a location!"

Jack's head snaps up from Chris' computer station, looking over at where Nadia's leaning over one of the computer analysts' shoulders. Getting to his feet, Jack hurries over as Nadia points to something on the screen, Bill hurrying to her side.

"Ibrahim Usmani is renting a small warehouse about thirty minutes from here, sattelite from twenty minutes ago shows activity around the building," Nadia says, as the computer tech--Edgar Stiles--taps at the keys, zooming in on the still pictures from the sattelite feed.

Bill nods. "Okay, Mike, Jack, I want both of you on this; get as many field teams in on this as you can. Mike, you've got priority for any CTU resources you might need."

Doyle nods, "I'll get the teams rolling, and call back in. I'll be on comm," he says, turning and heading for the field equipment room.

Quickly closing down Chris' station, Jack heads in the same direction as Doyle to suit up. With any luck, this will be the end of it.

As the field teams surround the building, there's an eerie quiet in the area, and Jack's uneasy as they approach. Something feels wrong; it feels too quiet, and though he didn't count, it seems like there's fewer cars around the building. Maybe it's just their approach, knowing that there could be a suitcase nuke in that building and if they're spotted before they can take out the hostiles, they could share the same fate as the team in Valencia did a few days ago.

"Teams in position?" Doyle whispers over the comm unit in Jack's ear, and the leaders of the field teams give their assent, one by one. Jack takes a couple deep breaths, trying to put the mental image of the mushroom cloud out of his mind. They just have to move fast, and hope that that doesn't happen.

Crouching next to the wall, he waits for the order, ready to spring into action when Doyle gives the go-ahead.

"Okay, all teams move in!"

The agents in front of Jack ram the steel doors and they fly open, Jack running in behind them, weapon up, eyes scanning for targets. Behind him there's stomping feet and shouts in his ear as the agents flood the building and find...nothing.

Searching for hostiles, the only people Jack can see are the other field teams surging into the building. There are a few crates as well as a couple tables and chairs off to one side, but other than that, there's no evidence of anyone in the building. Quickly walking over to the crates, Jack looks inside; from the supports and packing materials it looks like the kind of crate used to ship weapons.

"Son of a bitch! Someone was here, and we missed them," Jack says, walking over to Doyle as he relays the news to CTU. "Those crates were carrying weapons, we've got to find these guys. Does CTU have more recent sattelite coverage yet or anything from CalTrans?"

Doyle shakes his head. "They're working on it. The sattelite servers are overloaded."

"Dammit," Jack says, walking away and looking around in frustration, trying to see if there's anything else they can find.

What's preoccupying him isn't the weapons or the lack of hostiles, however. It's the knowledge that if they're not in the building and the weapons are with them, they've likely moved on to their next target. And more importantly, he and the rest of CTU don't have a clue where to start looking.

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June 7th, 2007 (10:28 pm)

current mood: nervous

July 17, 2012

Jack heads down the hallway to the interrogation rooms from the bullpen, where he'd left the memory stick in Chloe's hands. As soon as they'd arrived, he'd handed over Henderson to Security, let them handle putting him in an interrogation room. Meanwhile, he'd made a trip to Medical to check on Caiti and see Chris, and from there to the bullpen to hand over the memory stick. Despite how much he wants to know what's on it, there's not much he can do from here on in with it, though from the news she'd given him, there's a limited amount Chloe can do as well.

He can feel his stomach tightening as he nears the interrogation rooms, memories starting to come back to him that he pushes away forcefully. He needs to focus, needs to appear calm, if he's going to do convince Bill to let him interrogate Henderson. And he needs to be the one to do it. He can't take the backseat for this, despite the fact that he's not sure how much he can go through with.

Punching in the code to the observation room, he opens the door, taking a deep breath. He can do this. He just needs to focus.

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May 29th, 2007 (12:24 am)

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July 17, 2012

Jack leans forward, rubbing tired, gritty eyes. He should try and take a nap on the staff room couch, or go back to Michelle's for an hour to try and grab some sleep. He'd given his contact at DoD--Scott Itzin--his cellphone number so it's not like he needs to be at CTU. But then that's assuming he'd be able to get to sleep in the first place, and considering the last few nights he'd lain awake for hours before finally drifting off, it hardly seems worth the trouble at the moment.

He's just about to go get himself another cup of coffee, or maybe see if he can find the door to Milliways again when his cellphone rings. He grabs it from the desktop, the adrenaline waking him as he recognises Scott's number.

"Bauer," he says, glancing around to see if there's anyone nearby to overhear.

"It's Scott, I've got what you asked for." He sounds nervous, his voice nearly a whisper.

"Can you email me the document?" Jack asks. The document itself is as valuable as the information on it; without it it'll be hard to get approval to search, or hell, to maybe even get anyone to believe him.

"Yeah, but if anyone asks...you didn't get it from me."

Jack tells him where to email the document, the passage of time before the email arrives seeming exasperatingly long. Within a couple minutes, it's there, though, Jack telling Scott that it arrived before snapping his phone shut.

Opening the attachment he skims the document, some parts of which have been blacked out, mainly to do with the source of the three suitcase nukes. But the destination of the bombs is still visible, and as he reads the name of the contractor and person in charge of disarming them, he suddenly feels cold all over.

Company: Omicron International
Project Manager: Henderson, Christopher

It goes on to list Henderson's position in the company, the arrival date, but Jack's not looking at that. He's looking at Christopher Henderson's signature, confirming receipt of the bombs. Even now, almost ten years since Henderson was fired from CTU, Jack still recongises that signature. Henderson had been his mentor, his partner, his father figure. He'd seen him sign things a hundred times, and at least from what his eye can see and remember, the signature is authentic.

Quickly he flips to the attached photos, bringing up photographs of the undetonated bomb from D.C. There's no doubt that the bombs are the same set.

Instantly, he can think of a number of different scenarios where Henderson wasn't involved with the terrorists getting the bombs, but none can dispel his doubts. Maybe it was someone underneath him who handed them over, maybe he thought he was sub-contracting the disarmament to someone trustworthy. But every scenario comes back to the same result: Henderson was the one who was responsible for the suitcase nukes. If they went missing he would have had to know, and should have reported it. If he didn't know, or didn't report it, then it's gross negligence at the very least. He doesn't want to think about what the worst case scenario is, despite his and Christopher's estrangement.

Carefully saving the document to a CD along with the document on Palmer's computer, he heads up to Bill Buchanan's office to share his findings and start the whole terrible string of events into motion.

Twenty minutes later, they have the search warrant and the field and forensics teams are suiting up to head out to the Hendersons' house. They should be leaving any minute, but there's one stop Jack has to make first. He knows that while his relationship with Christopher and Miriam has been nonexistant for the last ten years, Kim's still very close to them. He needs to tell her about Christopher's involvement, before she finds out in some other way.

Approaching her station, Jack leans over her shoulder, saying quietly, "Can we talk somewhere, sweetheart?"

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